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How do you get Bail in Ontario?

By Avi Baratz
When someone gets charged with a criminal offence, the matter becomes police and government business. An alleged victim has no power to drop the charges against you.  Once you are arrested, the Police will process you and decide whether they think you are a flight risk or a risk ...Read more...

What is a conditional sentence?

By Avi Baratz
The short answer is that a conditional sentence in criminal law means a house arrest.  A house arrest/conditional sentence applies when you have already been found guilty of a criminal offence and you are sentenced.  Section 742.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada governs when ...Read more...

Why should I hire a criminal defence lawyer?

By Avi Baratz
If you find yourself under police investigation or charged with a criminal offence you should retain a criminal defence lawyer.  “Retain” is just a fancy way to say “hire” in lawyer terms.  Why lawyers take a retainer is the subject for another post.  ...Read more...

What is “Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”?

By Avi Baratz
The term “Proof Beyond a Reasonable doubt” is the test used in criminal trials to determine whether the evidence admitted at a criminal trial is true or not and whether the sum of that evidence is enough to convict or acquit an accused.    Without getting ...Read more...

What does a criminal record mean in Ontario?

By Avi Baratz
The definition for what a criminal record is in Ontario can be vague, ambiguous and illusive.   However I take "criminal record" to mean a record of a criminal conviction in Canada. This means that one has been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada and now has a “criminal ...Read more...
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